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Business Fairs Fairs 2013 General terms of tenure and co-exhibiting  

General terms of tenure and co-exhibiting

These general terms govern the relations and supplement the application form (contract) between the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB), being the main exhibitor, and its co-exhibitors when enabling Croatian tourism entities with the possibility of presenting themselves at the international tourist and similar fairs by sub leasing a part of the CNTB’s stand space.

1. Registration of co-exhibitors

In order to register for a particular fair, interested parties are to fill out the application form (contract). Submitting the filled out, signed and stamped application form shall be considered as a proposal of a contract.  The contract is valid from the point when CNTB returns a written notice of acceptance of the application or the invoice for the space rental.

The registration is possible during the entire year. The table showing the list of fairs CNTB will participate in year 2013, the registration deadlines, as well as the space and fitting out costs per sq.m for each fair can be found on  The on-line information will be continually updated.

CNTB unconditionally reserves the right to reject any application form received. In case of too many registrations and limited space, the CNTB will evaluate applications according to the date of receival. Early registrations will be given priority.

2. Cancellation Policy

The co-exhibitor has the right to cancel the registration for the particular fair. However, in that case the co-exhibitor is bound to pay penalties to the Croatian National Tourist Board. The co-exhibitor is obliged to cover the costs of 50% of the total amount of his primary registration if the cancellation was made from the time of registration conformation to three months prior to the exhibition.

If the co-exhibitor cancels the registration in the period less than three months prior to the exhibition, the co-exhibitor is obliged to settle his entire costs (100 %) for his part of the stand. The CNTB will tolerate the cancellations made at close dates without the penalties only in the case of unforeseen circumstances and Force Majeure. The Force Majeure refers to more severe natural disasters, insolvency or striving illness of the contract signer (if no one else can substitute the signer at the fair, or if the particular company has only 2 employees).

3. Alterations of the Co-exhibitor’s space allocation

The CNTB reserves the right to, at any time, makes alterations to the layout of the stand, to the extent considered to be necessary for improving the quality of the stand. Additionally, the CNTB can make alterations to the shape or location of the space allocated to the Co-exhibitor.

In selecting the location for the Co-exhibitors within the stand, the CNTB shall always be impartial, the locations will be allocated according to the regional belonging (at larger fairs where divisions are made according to regions) and/or according to the best way of presenting Croatian tourism.

4. Sub-lease of co-exhibiting space

The co-exhibitor has the right to sub-lease his leased part of the CNTB’s stand, however by doing so the co-exhibitor is obligated to notify the Croatian National Tourist Board as soon as possible, at latest, two moths prior to the exhibition.

When sub-leasing the part of its stand, the co-exhibitor is allowed to have only 1 person per 2 sq.m leased.

The CNTB will communicate only with the contract signer and the contract signer will communicate with its partners.

5. Passes for Co-exhibitors

The CNTB will ensure the Co-exhibitor with a specific number of exhibitor passes for the fair in accordance with the size of the space leased.

CNTB will inform the co-exhibitor where to pick up the passes. If they will be handed over by the stand manager, it will be done day before the beginning of the fair, during the fitting out of the stand. Additional passes can be purchased on the site, however at the Co-exhibitor's expense.

6. Official fair catalogue

The fair organiser publishes an official fair catalogue. The CNTB sends the Organiser details that are to be published in the fair catalogue – the details you fill in on the Co-exhibitor's application form. The CNTB takes no responsibility for wrongful statements, errors or omitted details that can arise when putting together the catalogue.

Free entry into the catalogue is specified by the stand size. The CNTB will allow all interested Co-exhibitor’s partners to enter their details into the official fair catalogue, however at the Co-exhibitor's request and expense. Additional catalogue entries can solely be requested when applying for a particular fair.  The

CNTB is not liable in case of inability to enter additional details into the catalogue.

Fee for sub-leasing a part of the stand

The costs of sub-leasing the stand space and the costs of fitting out and setting up the stand have to be payed solely by the co-exhibitor that has signed the contract with the CNTB, nevertheless the fact that the co-exhibitor has sub-leased his part of the stand.

The co-exhibitor shall receive an invoice for leasing the stand space, issued by the CNTB, upon receipt and acceptance of the application form.  The co-exhibitor is obliged to settle its’ account in the period of 15 days upon the receipt, if not, CNTB has the right to interest on arrears and collect the payment by court order.

Co-Exhibitors from Croatia shall pay the entire amount converted into Kuna according to the midpoint exchange rate of Hrvatska Poštanska banka on the day of the issue of the invoice.

Foreign Co-Exhibitors shall pay the entire amount in the official currency of the country where the fair is being held.

The co-exhibitor is obliged to pay the invoiced amount 45 days prior to the beginning of the fair at the latest; otherwise the CNTB has the right to annul the contract using one-sided statement.

8. Stand appearance, taking over the stand

The CNTB will ensure one technical contractor in order for the entire exhibiting area to be consistently fitted out, in respect to the all of the visual-communication constants of Croatian tourism. The CNTB agrees upon the design/lay-out of the stand, while the Co-exhibitor has no right in deciding upon the appearance of the stand but solely has to accept and fit within the lay-out/design accepted by the CNTB.

The size of the co-exhibitor’s logo or inscription, as well as its print depends   entirely upon the size of the space leased. The co-exhibitor can make suggestions, however CNTB reserves the right to make any alterations if necessary. Final way of printing will be decided upon among the technical constructor, co-exhibitor and the CNTB.

The CNTB ensures that the exhibiting space at each fair shall be in accordance with the accepted conceptual and implemental project documentation, taking care that the exhibiting space is finished and takeover completed a day prior to the opening of the exhibition. In other words, co-exhibitors get turnkey stand a day prior to the exhibition, and they are obliged to take it over.

 It is not allowed to display any kind of roll-ups, posters or similar elements on the part of the leased stand.

9.Informing of the Co-exhibitors

The CNTB is obliged to provide the Co-exhibitor with useful information about the fair (standardised content), as well as the drawing of the stand, two weeks i.e. minimally a week before the commencement of the fair. In case that the Co-exhibitor requests corrections, which are in conjunction with general and special regulations, and the visual identity of the stand, it is necessary to send a written request with the description of the changes immediately upon receiving the illustration. Interventions can not be made less than a week before the commencement of the fair, as the technical contractor hasn't got sufficient time for the realisation of such requests

10. Day before the commencement of the fair – passes, setting up the stand, organisation of the materials

Day before the commencement of the exhibition, all the co-exhibitors must come to the stand, in order to take over their part of the stand and passes, as well as organize their materials.

Setting up of the stand is carried out a day before the commencement of the fair, in most cases before noon. Co-exhibitor's representative must come to the stand a day earlier, in order to inspect if everything in their part of the stand is correct and to organise their exhibition materials. In case that something needs to be corrected, since it is not in agreement with the technical contractor's final approved plan, the necessary and able to be carried out corrections need to be performed in agreement with the stand's person in charge and the technical contractor.

CNTB person in charge is responsible for the quality and correct assembly of the stand according to the final plan approved by the CNTB.

11.  Co-exhibitor's personnel

The Co-exhibitor must have representatives who will be present at the stand and arrive on time for the entire duration of the fair. If the Co-exhibitor leaves the stand for a shorter period of time, they must inform the person in charge (give information when they leave, when they are coming back), in order for the person in charge to be able to give correct information in case of a query by a visitor.

According to the size of the stand leased, the Co-exhibitor may have a person constantly present on their part of the stand, i.e. maximum 1 person per 2 m2 leased-larger than maximum number allowed leads to overcrowding inside the stand space. The co-exhibitor is obliged to provide personnel (for the entire duration of the fair) for their part of the stand and cover all of their costs.

Important: Business attire required

12.  Use of refreshments, storage and other stand spaces

The person in charge of the stand is obliged to ensure sufficient quantities of refreshments for the stand personnel, Co-exhibitors and business partners that will occupy the stand. Refreshments include: non-alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee (if they are on the stand), sweet and salty nibbles. In order to avoid crowding in the kitchen and/or the storage, the Co-exhibitors are asked not to enter the kitchen and/or the storage, but instead ask the hostesses for the required refreshments i.e. the person responsible for that.  

Business partners and stand visitors must under no circumstances enter the kitchen / storage, or leave their possessions there.

The person in charge will receive the REGULATIONS REGARDING THE USE OF STORAGE SPACE prior to leaving for the fair, since they differ in relation to the size of the stand / storage, the number of co-exhibitors, the number of persons at the stand and other variable factors specific for each fair.

Co-exhibitor can only use the leased exhibition space. VIP room, press room are not used by the stand personnel and co-exhibitors. The meeting tables on the CNTB's part of the stand can be used by the Co-exhibitors (when their space is insufficient), as well as other Croatian tourist workers, solely for business meetings and in concurrence with the person in charge, according to regulations specified. If any of the co-exhibitors gives up a part of their work space/furniture, they can't ask for a return of that part of furniture.

13.  Additional content and fitting out of the Co-exhibitor’s space

The Co-exhibitor is responsible for the additional content on their part of the stand (if they recommended it), bearing in mind that they don't conflict with the content from other co-exhibitors. If the additional content (music, food and drink tasting and similar) is one which is likely to be regulated by special regulations from the Organiser, the Co-exhibitor is obliged to inform the CNTB and the Organiser, in a manner and the time period anticipated for such content by the Organiser.

Each co-exhibitor will have plasma screen and DVD player. Only DVD loop formats on DVD disc will be able to reproduce (divx, avi or similar formats will not work). If the Co-exhibitor requires additional technical equipment in their part of the stand (television, printer, telephone, internet...), they are obliged to ensure the technical equipment themselves, as well as contact the fair organiser or technical contractors directly (in case where special connections are needed) and inform the CNTB.

14.  Applicable Law and Competence of the Courts

Contractual parties shall settle any misunderstandings in a peaceful manner and any disputes before permanent court of arbitration with Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Zagreb. Applicable law is Croatian law.

Croatian Tourist Board reserves the right to change each article of these regulations, if it is shown as required and justified over time.

For the signers of the Application form (contract), the regulations that were in force on the date of signing are valid.

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